Functional responsibilities

The chief engineer of the organization of the technical development of the plant, is engaged in the development of scientific and technological progress, as well as the improvement of the work of the technical service of the plant.

The chief engineer of the plant is responsible for the results of the production activities of the BOR.

On a daily basis, he manages and coordinates the activities of all technological and technical services of the plant for the production, shipment and marketing of petroleum products, in order to fulfill production plans and tasks.

Carries out control over the readiness for the implementation of innovative projects and technologies.

Uses the safe performance of all types of work at the enterprise (gas hazardous, fire, earthwork, repair, climbing and work at height, installation and dismantling of equipment, etc.), takes measures to reduce the number of gas hazardous, fire, repair and other types of work.

Guided by consideration of events related to the production of products produced in the world.

Controls the availability of certificates for manufactured products.

Controls the prevention of injuries at work by regularly monitoring and streamlining the work of sequences for the implementation and management of the quality and occupational safety adjustment system.

Mustafoev Bakhtiyor Jumaboevich

First Deputy Director for Production, Prospective Development, Innovation and Investments