Social policy of the plant

Policies of Bukhara Oil Refinery LLC in the fields of industrial safety, quality management system, environmental and energy management, health and safety.

Bukhara Oil Refinery LLC is engaged in the production of petroleum products and hydrocarbon processing services. The mission of the Bukhara Refinery is to provide consumers of the Republic of Uzbekistan with quality petroleum products and to explore exporting opportunities. In order to fulfill its mission, Bukhara Oil Refinery LLC emphasizes the following strategic areas:

1. CUSTOMER - To ensure confidence in the quality of the petroleum products supplied and the services provided by continuously improving customer satisfaction.

3. SHAREHOLDERS - To gain the full confidence of our shareholders in the prospects of the Bukhara Oil Refinery through sustained economic growth.

4. SUPPLIERS - Achieving a secure raw material base.

5. POTENTIAL - Continuous improvement of management systems through the use of internal capabilities.

- Efficiency of business processes;

- Professionalism of employees;

- Ensuring health and safety of employees according to the principle of " The life and health of an employee is a priority over the results of operational activities";

- Safeguarding a healthy future by ensuring environmental efficiency and sustainable use of natural resources;

- Improving the social and living standards of the Bukhara Oil Refinery's employees and their families;

- Improving the competence and motivation of employees in order to engage them in the integrated management system;

- Protecting individuals and society from accidents, incidents and their consequences in the refinery's hazardous production facilities;

- Continuously improving our energy performance by boosting energy efficiency and rational use of fuel and energy resources;

- Seeking and implementing innovative solutions for the effective development of the site and the industry as a whole.


For the implementation and co-ordinated functioning of all areas of this policy, the management of LLC "Bukhara Oil Refinery" undertakes to ensure favourable and safe working conditions for employees, compulsory insurance of liability for damages caused in case of an accident at a hazardous production facility, prevent environmental pollution, provide full volume of necessary resources and information, continuously improve the performance of management systems in accordance with the requirements of international standards, and ensure that the management systems of the enterprise meet the requirements of international standards.

Approved by Executive Order No. 16 dd. January 10, 2022.