Currently, there is a proposal for the supply of the following products:

Aviation fuel


Aviation fuel

Brand: JetA-1

Normative document: O'zDST 1117: 2007.

Compliance with international standards: DEFSTAN9191

Consumers: NAC of Uzbekistan Havo Yullari

Date of development: 2009

Hydrocarbon Liquefied Petroleum Gas for Household Consumption

Products: Hydrocarbon liquefied petroleum gas for municipal and domestic consumption of SPBT according to GOST 20448-90.
Scope: As fuel for domestic and industrial consumption and industrial purposes.

Fuel diesel

Products: Diesel fuel ECO summer for O'zDST 0511134: 2007
Scope: For high-speed diesel locomotives, marine diesel engines and gas turbines, general purpose diesel engines.
Advantages: diesel fuel ECO has a low sulfur content, high cetane number, improved filterability index. Diesel fuel ECO meets the requirements of Euro 2.

Marka: ECO L-0.1-62, ECO-L-0.1-40, ECO-Z-1-0.1-40 (-15)

Fuel diesel

Products: Diesel fuel ECO winter by O'z DSt 989: 2010
Advantages: Diesel fuel ECO winter differs by the lowered maintenance of sulfur, high cetane number, the improved indicator of factor of filterability.

Mark: TDU-0.5

Consumers: Population of UZ

Date of development: 2018

Fuel oil

Fuel oil
Scope: For stationary boiler rooms and process units.

Brand: 100

Normative document: GOST 10585-99

Consumers: Population of Uzbekistan

Date of development: 1997

Hydrocarbon solvent C4-135 / 220

Products: Hydrocarbon solvent
Scope: Use in the paint and varnish industry.
Advantages: Stable volatility in xylene, improved fire-explosive properties of the solvent (flash point is 30-34 C), improved solvent's target solvent power due to the involvement of the aromatic fraction.

Brand: C4 - 135/220

Normative document: O'z DSt 3035: 2015

Consumers: Manufacturers of paints and varnishes

Date of development: 2016

Gasoline for automobiles unleaded

Brand: AI-91-K2-L, AI-92-K2-L, AI-95-K2-L, AI-80-K2-L

Normative document: O'z DSt 3031: 201

Compliance with international standards: Euro 2

Consumers: Population of Uzbekistan | Supplied for export

Date of development: 2003 -2004, 2014

Gasoline pyrolysis

Normative document: O'z DSt 3035: 2015

Consumers: Delivered for export

Date of development: 2016

Refrigerant propane

Normative document: Ts 16472899-039: 2017

Consumers: Delivered for export

Date of development 2017

Sulfur technical gas lump

Brand: grade 9998

Normative document: GOST 127.1-93

Consumers: Population of Ruz

Date of development: 1997