Functional responsibilities

Deputy Director for Economics and Finance is responsible for:

- Management and coordination of all divisions of the enterprise for the development of long-term and current plans, as well as measures to improve economic work, identify and use on-farm reserves.

- Assistance in setting targets based on technical and economic standards for material and labor costs, organization of production labor.

- Carrying out work to improve the planning of economic and financial performance indicators of the enterprise to create and improve standards for labor costs, expenditure of inventory.

- Ensuring strict compliance with the regime of saving material, labor and financial resources for the enterprise.

- Manages the plant planning system.

- Organization of economic calculations and analysis of the effectiveness of the introduction of new technology.

- Ensuring the constant participation of representatives of the labor protection service in solving the most important issues of labor safety;

- Create a basis for the reasonable setting of goals and objectives for each level of management, their constant analysis and, if necessary, updating;

- Prevent injuries at work through constant monitoring and streamlining of work through the implementation and management of a system of quality and professional safety standards.

Jumaev Otkir Muhammadovich

Deputy Director for Economics and Finance