Functional responsibilities

The Deputy Director for Capital Construction

- Ensures the execution of capital construction work at the enterprise, the rational use of capital investments and an increase in their efficiency, carrying out the priority allocation of funds for technical re-equipment and reconstruction of the enterprise, their concentration at launch facilities, and a reduction in the volume of construction in progress.

- Ensure the functioning of the capital construction department in the quality management system and the management system of occupational safety and health, the requirements of industrial safety legislation, environmental management in accordance with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001, OHS AS 18001, ISO 14001, AS / EN 9100, as well as current legislation Republic of Uzbekistan.

- Provides information on the implementation of measures aimed at improving the state of industrial safety of hazardous production facilities.

- Provides information on changes in construction, expansion, reconstruction, technical re-equipment, conservation and liquidation of a hazardous production facility for industrial safety expertise.

- Provides information on the certification of technical devices used at hazardous production facilities for compliance with industrial safety.

Kasimov Shahruh Kazimovich

Deputy Director for Capital Construction