Functional responsibilities

The Deputy Director of Marketing and Sales manages the Sales and Marketing Department, Railway unit, Tolling and Import Department.

- Organizes and manages the procurement work of the enterprise in the field of import

- Supervises the uninterrupted and complex supply of imported chemicals, reagents and other imported equipment.

- Plans and monitors the timely provision of rail transport.

- Interacts with suppliers and consumers, defines and analyzes their requirements.

- Monitors and ensures continuous improvement of customer satisfaction.

- Plans and controls the purchase of imported raw materials and equipment.

- Supervises the fulfillment of contractual conditions by suppliers of raw materials, and also controls incoming control of incoming raw materials.

- Eensures the timely conclusion of import contracts for the supply of products in accordance with the established legislation.

- Informs the director on a weekly basis about the state of the imported material and technical supply of the enterprise.

- Creates the basis for the reasonable setting of goals and objectives for each level of management, their constant analysis and, if necessary, updating;

- Contributes to the prevention of industrial injuries through constant monitoring and streamlining of work through the implementation and management of a system of quality standards and professional safety;

- Observes and promotes compliance with the requirements of international standards for quality management systems ISO 9001, AS / EN 9100, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 50001.

Amonov Zavkiddin Anasovich

Deputy Director for Marketing and Sales