History of the company

Today, for the first time, we can present truly wonderful and rare wealth of our Motherland without the mediation of other countries. Our desire to unite with the world community, openness to the outside world creates amazing opportunities for using this wealth.

Islom Karimov



The Bukhara oil refinery, founded on the initiative of the first president of our country which was built on the basis of the projects of the French company "TEKNIP", turns 25 this year. Licenses of the French Petroleum Institute, the American company "Merikem" and the Dutch "Komprimo" were used to forming the technological processes of this refinery plant. The plant has a processing capacity of 2.5 million tons of oil and gas condensate per year.


Products of this plant such as motor gasoline, Jet-A-1 fuel, diesel fuel, hydrocarbon solvent, fuel oil, liquefied gas and sulfur are in great demand. On the basis of programs, to improve the quality of the product, bringing it compliant with world standards, the technology of the production of high-octane gasoline AI-91 and AI-95 brands were assimilated here. Furthermore, the setting up of the production of environmentally friendly and resistant to low temperatures diesel fuel was a significant event in the plant’s history. In addition, the plant produces “Jet-A-1” aviation fuel, on the basis of modern requirements, which is intended for “Boing” and “Airbus” airliners.


Development of the industry in the years of independence:


For the oil and gas industry, a new life began from the very first days of the sovereignty of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Since that time, a new stage in the development of the industry begins. The government attached particular importance to the comprehensive development of this industry.

Since Uzbekistan gained independence and began economic reforms in 1992, special attention has been paid to the oil and gas complex.


The stages of structural transformation, providing an evolutionary transition from command-administrative methods to market mechanisms of functioning, were accompanied by the solution of the following strategic tasks which were identified in 1992 by the first President of the Republic of Uzbekistan I.A. Karimov:

- a significant increase in oil and gas condensate mining in order to achieve oil independence of the republic;

- deepening of technological processes of oil and gas processing in order to improve the quality of products to the level of world standards;

- building up hydrocarbon reserves, primarily liquid ones, through the discovery of new fields to ensure a reliable resource for the oil and gas industry in Uzbekistan.


The Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov "On the formation of the Uzbek State Concern of the Oil and Gas Industry" Uzbekneftegaz "was signed On May 3 1992